Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Juice ♡ Kale, Apple, Ginger Juice

Hi Beauties! 

Today on FabFitLiving, Becky and I show you a juicing recipe consisting of only 3 ingredients. Becky was introduced to this recipe, when she wanted to do a liver cleanse, by her naturopathic doctor.


4 Granny Smith Apples
Ginger (Use as much as you'd like)
Head of Italian or Dino Kale

The one new thing I learned while filming this with Becky, was that Dino kale is actually better for juicing than the regular (curly) kale is. Good to know!

Let's quickly dive into the differences between these two types of Kale.

The two most common varieties of kale are Curly Kale and Lacinato/Dinosaur Kale. When consumed in their raw, uncooked form, these two have very different tastes, textures and usually recipes will ask for a specific type of kale.
Lacinato Kale or Dinosaur Kale has a darker shade of green, a little darker than spinach and is lumpy like we would imagine dinosaurs skin being. The large stem/vein in the middle of the leaf is much thicker and isn’t round on the bottom like curly kale. 
*Photo credit Google Images
Curly Kale is typically a lighter shade of green, the tips are very curvy and curly looking. Curly Kale typically has shorter leaves. Many people new to eating kale raw in salads prefer curly kale because the taste is much milder and some find it to even be sweeter. It breaks down easier in raw salads with oils, citrus and etc. For those of you who love raw kale chips, curly kale is the kind that provides that crunchy, messy, junk food fix.
*Photo credit Google Images

Hope you enjoy the recipe! Be sure to let us know what you think about it after you make your own! =)

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exciting news! I have my own boutique on TopFloor!

I now have a boutique on TopFloor that you all can shop on at
I have been putting my wishlist of items in collections, but what I think is super nice is that I can make one collection solely for a haul video and then I can direct you guys to the store so you can see all of the items that I have featured in that haul video. It makes it very simple and easy to see everything.
It definitely is my new addiction. The first few times I logged onto it I was seriously on it for hours haha so I hope you girls enjoy my boutique and I will be making collections and adding to them constantly!

 Thanks TopFloor for featuring me on your Facebook page

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My first Ellie outfit!

I have been so anxious on getting my first Ellie workout outfit and it finally came today! I'll show you girls it in a video but I wanted to make a blog post because I was totally impressed. These are definitely the highest quality work out apparel pieces I have right now. I'm super excited to go work out with my new outfit =) 

Oh and btw you can get 20% off your first purchase here

(I ordered size small)
 I used to not be into tops with thumb holes, not sure why, but I totally love them now because my hands are always cold and having just a bit of extra fabric covering my hands helps! I also love the black strip by the shoulders, just adds enough so that it has its' own unique touch. But I really wish you could feel the fabric of this top because it's stretchy, smooth and soft and you can tell it is super nice quality. They also have this top in a turquoise which I am tempted to buy since I do like this top so much!

(I ordered size small)

I really needed more workout bottoms so I decided to get these, I love the pink strip at the top (half of it is covered with mesh) and I love how they have the little Ellie logo on the back of the leg and the top front.

For sizing, these do run true to size. I am currently more in between a small- medium so these fit a bit tighter on me but I'm hoping that will be motivation for me to keep working out hard!

So with Ellie you can either be a non-member or Fit Fashionista Club Member.
For non- members you can shop the pieces individually and for the club members you pay $49.95 per month for any two pieces you'd like and also receive free shipping. You can cancel this at any time, but if you end up being a fan of Ellie and wanting to get a new workout outfit every month, being a club member would be a better deal.

I am pumped to see what they keep coming out with every month!  I love how their website is super girly too. I adore cute work out clothes and find it super motivating so that's why I was so excited for this new line! Again I will also being showing this in a video in the future so you can get more of an idea of the fabrics and what they look like =)

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